Discovering why we’re on the planet

To discover why we’re on this earth we have to go back to the beginning. The original purpose of humanity according to Genesis 1:28 was “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over…every living thing that moves on the earth.” It was God’s desire that the first man and woman take good care of the earth and expand that original garden to fill the earth, displace evil, and establish beauty and order where there was chaos. When God delegates authority he does not take it back. As human beings we have a free will to do with that what we choose.

Unfortunately that authority given to our ancestors was given over to the evil one through temptation and sin in the garden (read the full story in Genesis 3). That’s the reason the world is in such chaos today.

But now through faith in Jesus – through his death and resurrection and ascension into heaven – God has restored us to this original purpose and authority with the mandate, “Go and disciple all the nations.” (Matthew 28:18-20).

This answers the question as to why we’re on the planet. It is our task to bring the kingdom of God to earth until evil is displaced and every corner of this beautiful planet is filled with God’s glorious presence and his goodness – and until every nation has the joy of knowing and serving him. When that happens Jesus will return to a victorious church to fully usher in his kingdom which will last forever.

Living from heaven toward earth

What can we do about all the division, corruption, and unrest we see in our world today? Do we have a role? Absolutely!

A relationship with Jesus Christ means living from heaven toward earth – co-laboring with him to provide solutions to every problem we encounter. As a Christian you and I died to our old nature, rose from the dead and are now seated with Jesus in the heavenly realm. That’s right! We are now citizens of two worlds, one that is passing and one that is eternal. This new position enables us to live as Jesus did, from heaven toward earth. From the eternal toward the temporary. This means all of heaven’s riches are available to us to accomplish our purpose bringing God’s blessing and kingdom to every corner of the earth. When people see how good God is and that he is for them not against them, they will want in. They will want to be a part of this kingdom.

So where do I begin? Begin by praying as the Lord instructed his followers: “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”. Our instructions are in the details of that prayer:

“Give us this day our daily bread” – What’s the implication?

Alleviation of poverty – We are to receive what we need with such abundance that it will overflow to meet the needs around us, eliminating spiritual, social, and economic poverty. There is no poverty in God’s kingdom.

“Forgive us out debts, as we forgive our debtors” – What’s the result?

Healing of relationships – Receiving God’s love and forgiveness reconciles us to God and heals our hearts. As we extend that love and forgiveness to those who have offended us, our relationships are healed. There are no broken relationships in God’s kingdom.

“Lead us not into temptation” – What will this give us?

Protection from poor choices – God will protect us from choosing counterfeit joy and pleasures that lure us away from God, and he will lead us to a path of life where in his presence is fullness of joy and where we experience real and lasting pleasures (see Psalm 16:11). There is everything our hearts could ever desire in God’s kingdom.

“But deliver us from evil.” – What does this mean?

Deliverance from evil and its effects – This includes physical, emotional and mental healing. God’s salvation is complete. He saved my soul from sin, my body from disease, and my mind from torment. Sickness is the to the body what sin is to the soul. God’s salvation dealt with both. There is no sickness, addiction, or oppression in God’s kingdom.

If you haven’t considered a relationship with God, let me encourage to put your faith in Jesus Christ and join the party. The best is yet to come!


Our task: Heaven on earth

Growing up I learned the Lord’s prayer. When I thought of the words,“Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”, I assumed that referred to going to heaven someday.

While that is true, I have since learned that the Christian faith is not just about going to heaven some day, it’s about bringing God’s kingdom to earth.

Jesus came to establish his kingdom here on earth so it will spread through us like leaven until heaven permeates the entire earth.

What does this kingdom look like? The Bible describes God’s kingdom as three things: righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit (see Romans 14:17).

I can understand how God’s kingdom would be a place of “peace” and “joy” but what does it mean by “righteousness”?

Think of all things wrong being made right – things like injustice, inequality, racism, oppression, pollution, greed, poverty, destructive behavior… all being eliminated from the earth as personal lives, cities, and ultimately nations are transformed by God’s love and power. Imagine that!

This is our task: to see heaven on earth.