Tool Box

Click on the titles below to access powerful tools that can help you on your journey to the relationship of your dreams.

The Appreciation Dialogue

Sharing regular appreciations with your partner will change your brain chemistry and transform the “space between” you. It will help you create a safety zone in your relationship and it will help your lower reactive brain will start to see your partner as a source of pleasure rather than of pain or conflict. And then it will be easier to share frustrations and turn conflict into connection.

The Couples Dialogue

This is the core tool for everything we do in Imago Relationship Therapy. Taking time to go deeper into your thoughts and feelings helps you deal with the root issues that are blocking intimacy in your relationship . And once you learn the dialogue skills of mirroring, validating, and empathizing, you can use this powerful tool everyday to stay closely connected with your partner.

Four Powerful Appreciations

Push out all the negativity from the space between you as a couple. This powerful tool uses four critical moments of each day to maximize the feelings of safety and closeness in your relationship.

Brief Relationship Workup

This tool used in conjunction with the next one, Your Unconscious Relationship Agenda, will help you discover how the positive and negative traits of your early caretakers formed an image in your unconscious mind that matched you with the one with whom you fell in love.

This tool will also help you discover what you are looking for in a love relationship and what your “fighting style” is based on your childhood defenses.

My Unconscious Relationship Agenda

This tool uses the information from the Brief Relationship Workup to help you discover why you chose the partner you did, what you are looking in a love relationship, and your “fighting style”.

The Change Request Dialogue

Behind every frustration is a wish in disguise. The purpose of this dialogue is to turn your frustrations into requests, asking for things from your partner that will meet your unmet needs from childhood.

The Parent Child Dialogue

The purpose of this dialogue is to deepen the memories of your childhood and increase empathy for each other.