PRACTICE: Change Request Dialogue Copy


1. Continue to do the Four Powerful Appreciations each day for the next week.

2. Plan time each evening to use the Couples Dialogue to share any frustrations you have experienced (always beginning with an appreciation).

3. Over the next week do at least one Caring Behavior for your partner each day. If there is one that requires planning (like a weekend away), take time to put it on the calendar and plan to make it happen.


4. When you feel frustrated this week, search for the hidden wish buried in your frustration and then use the Change Request Dialogue with your partner to ask for what you need. Learn to ask for what you need in small steps. Don’t expect your partner to change overnight. Change will happen in small doable steps and a breakthrough in your relationship will usually occur if you keep this exercise up.

After you’ve finished this week’s PRACTICE

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