PRACTICE: Couples Dialogue and Four Powerful Appreciations (for another week) Copy

1. Continue to practice the Couples Dialogue for 15 minutes each day. Mirroring your partner will help you regulate reactions that block your communication and further rupture your connection. Validating your partner facilitates differentiation, the process of discovering that your partner is different from you. Empathy enables you to hold their reality and your reality at the same time. This will enable you to connect in a deeper way than ever before. The Couples Dialogue can help you turn every conflict into deeper connection.

2. Continue doing the Four Powerful Appreciations every day. Give each other a one-minute, full-body hug along with a 30-second appreciation shared by both of you during the four critical moments of each day. This will increase safety and the feeling of connection in your relationship.

After completing your PRACTICE for the week…

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