Effective Communication 360 - Training For Organizations

What is Effective Communication 360?

Research has shown that the primary reason for ongoing problems in our organizations and personal lives is not faulty systems or structures, but ineffective communication – conversations that are derailed by people either becoming overly aggressive or withdrawing. The key skill of productive leaders is the ability fully engage in conversations that get results important to everyone, while at the same time making relationships stronger.

As an Effective Communications 360 Trainer (EC-360), I can provide training workshops that will help your organization resolve disagreements, increase accountability, improve decision-making and inspire greater motivation.  The one-day workshop will give your team tools to improve dialogue, relationships and bottom-line organizational results.

The benefits of an EC-360 Culture:

  • Increased productivity
  • Greater customer loyalty
  • Decreased costs
  • Employees are more likely to speak up and resolve problems rather than avoid them
  • Passive-aggressive behavior among employees can be reduced

Communication where…

  1. The conditions are safe
  2. No one withdraws, everyone engages
  3. No one is unfairly aggressive
  4. A mutual purpose is achieved
  5. Mutual respect is maintained​​